Object & Event Protection

​Property and Value Protection

The presence of security services leads to the avoidance of theft, conflict situations and other disruptions to business operations. That's why we offer you, among other things, patrols with or without a dog handler, 24-hour surveillance in discreet service or civilian clothes, or camera surveillance. We secure your prosperities against theft and vandalism.

We ensure this by qualified technical personnel, as well as most modern technology.

Securing The Future Through Further Education and Training

Many companies are seeking opportunities for training and education for their employees and are interested in seminars to improve their expertise. For this reason, the training center of the company Focus Guarding Ltd. Co. has established a training center in the Rhein Erft district. If you would like more detailed information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Among Others We Offer the Following Seminars for Our Customers:

  • De-escalation and safety training
  • Self-safety when intervening Customer-oriented work
  • Aviation security
  • control officer
  • Style and etiquette
  • Preparation for the expert knowledge examination in accordance with §34a 
  • Training as a specialist for protection and security Training as an office manager.

We take over the complete organization and implementation of internal and external training courses. We offer you a variety of training courses, just ask us.

Gate & Reception Services

The gate and reception service does not only have a security aspect. The first Impression shapes the image of your company and paves the way for good business relations. drawings. Reception staff will be recruited in accordance with a specific selection procedure.

We will be happy to work with your company to find the best solution for you. After the selection process, the receptionists will be introduced in your company. All employees are protected by data protection and other security regulations. An extension of the service range, such as key management, visitor forwarding, administrative tasks, operation from alarm systems. At the client's request, our reception staff can also take over the following  hazard alarm systems.

Our Services:

  • Reception, Information and Forwarding of Guests and Suppliers
  • Access Control
  • Securing Your Properties
  • PC and Telephone System Services
  • Key Management
  • Acceptance and Distribution of Mails 
  • Surveillance of Surveillance Cameras 

Site Surveillance

We secure your building project and your building sites against vandalism, theft or unauthorized entry. On construction sites, such crimes are commonplace (especially metal theft) and often take place outside working hours. We use qualified personnel with and without a dog handler.

Our Services:

  • Protection against unauthorized entry and driving regular inspection of authorized persons 
  • Guarding of building materials and tools

Event Security

The success of an event is essentially determined by security. At the beginning of an event there is a perfectly coordinated event organization, because not only on stage the security has to be guaranteed, but also around the venue, on the stands and in the audience area. Our trained employees make sure of even large crowds of people.

Move in the right lanes and thus create an undisturbed course of your event. If the security service is too intrusive, or if there are arguments, negative advertising is inevitable. For this reason, in particular, we attach great importance to discipline and the appearance of our employees.

They are trained to recognize risk moments, to act preventively and to avert conflicts. Whether sport or culture, whether mass events or exclusive events, whether entrance control or security services, stage security or securing the VIP area - our comprehensive service leaves nothing to be desired.

So that you can concentrate on celebrating the success of your event, key management, visitor forwarding, administrative tasks, operation of alarm systems, etc. can be carried out by our receptionists at the request of the client can be adopted.

Our Services:

  • Cloakroom and counter staff Hostess service
  • Cashiers
  • Security Service 
  • Access control (search for USBV) Provision of barriers Enforcement of glass ban
  • Selection of guests according to specifications
  • Stage, backstage and interior security VIP support

Service & Security for Gas Stations and Amusement Halls

We, the Focus Guarding Ltd. Co., offer specially trained employees for safety and de-escalation to entrepreneurs who own petrol stations and/or amusement arcades. Our company's security service carries out nightly checks on your objects and thus guarantees a high level of security for your belongings.

In addition, we offer you an armed money transport with an armored money value transport vehicle of the fire class 4, so that your money is brought safely from your gas station or arcade to the bank or to you. Your positive side effect is that we as a security company are insured against theft or loss up to 10 million euros.

Thus you have no financial risk in the event of theft, have trained service and cashier personnel and a district and alarm control of your gas station or arcade, whereby possible encroachments are nipped in the bud in advance.

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