Personal Security

​Personal and Escort Protection (nationally and internationally)

The aim of personal and escort protection is to ward off dangers and prevent attacks against the target and life, i.e. to maintain physical integrity or freedom of action and movement of the individual or a group. Effective protection begins with a sustainable security concept at the beginning of the assignment. We offer you the protection and security you need unobtrusively, effectively and reliably. Our qualified employees, mostly former police officers or military police, adapt to your need for a normal life without compromising security.

We develop a comprehensive hazard analysis with you and, if necessary, maintain contact with local authorities such as the police, etc.

Prevention is the primary objective here, not the reaction to unforeseen events. Stars require comprehensive tour planning and precise venue analysis. In order to be able to act as stress-free and successful as possible, sophisticated travel management and foresighted security measures such as route planning, visas, armored vehicle service etc. are required.


Personal Protection in Crisis Areas

We also offer personal protection in international crisis areas such as Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, Sudan etc. by specially trained specialists. Here a completely different security concept stands in the foreground, particularly since these orders are carried out with special protection precautions such as armored vehicles and under carrying of firearms of our coworkers.

Limousine Service with Chauffeur

In our driving service we only use specially trained drivers (driving safety training). This enables us to offer our customers a smooth process, maximum safety and comfort.

For your event we can provide you with a large selection of vehicles with drivers. In a time of increasing violence and crisis, security is a high priority.

With our upscale vehicles (also armored) we meet the highest demands in terms of safety and service. Our vehicles protect high-ranking personalities from politics, industry and business.

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