For Civilians

Police and Intervention Services

The mobile territory and intervention service is completely tailored to the needs of our customers. Buildings, company premises or objects are individually secured by specially trained personnel.

Whether in irregular strips, there’s a permanent presence on site or an alarm connection of your security systems. In the event of an alarm, rapid intervention is guaranteed through immediate communication with the police, fire brigade or our 24-hour control center.

Our Services:

  • Control and Territory Services
  • Lock Services 
  • Emergency Runs
  • Courier Services

Neighborhood Security

In residential areas Focus Guarding Ltd. Co. attaches importance to a safe, friendly and therefore attractive appearance of its employees.

 The protection of housing associations and housing estates, especially in so-called problem districts, plays an important role for the quality of living and ensures a pleasant living atmosphere. 

Through regular guarding, damage to property, vandalism, assaults and assaults are minimized. We work closely together with the police and the public order office.

Store Detectives

Every year the German retail trade reports more than 500,000 thefts, and this is only the official figure that is recognized.

This leads to a loss of billions in companies. Our professional shop detectives are characterized by their trained eye, their competence and seriousness.

Their intuition and experience enable them to filter potential thieves out of the mass of righteous customers.

Refugee Shelters

In 2015 alone, over 800,000 refugees applied for asylum in Germany. This flood of new people in Germany poses a new sensitive challenge to politics, society and the security services.

Private security services must protect the newcomers from attacks from the outside, but also from the inside. In order to ensure the protection of a large number of different cultures in a very confined space, our employees have proven psychological training, have received training as first-aiders and have been instructed in fire protection. Furthermore, we also have a state-certified disinfector in our company to effectively combat diseases and infections.

We have already gained experience in this field for the city of Cologne, Geldern and Dortmund, among others, and are still represented there today. This distinguishes our seriousness and sensitivity in this special segment.

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